About Us

Three of us are sailing this summer, Pippin, Richard and I.   Pippin is the Boat’s Captain and Richard and I are the crew.   What I say about who I am in this voyage is someone committed to living life fully.   Seeing and exploring different ways of living around the world is my passion.


3 Responses to About Us

  1. Joli Stieber says:

    Hi There!
    Congrats to your passion!
    Wishing you a joyful, adventurous summer, good wind and smooth waves.
    And, between – good restaurants with good food and good wine!

  2. Hi Rocio, Pippin and Richard, Hope you are all well. I found a great book for Richard, the 100 best card games! Oh, well. hope you are now doing well at Solitaire.

    • svsilhouette says:

      this is Richard:

      Thanks you for the 16 knots to learn, me and my mom had a lot of fun with it. The compass works great, it works to well -(< 🙂 ,i started one book i need time to work on it. Thanks for the lifesavers that actually did save my life when i had a sore throat 🙂 i haven't played much solitaire, i just taught my mom gim rummy. She beat me the first time, i beat her the second time she almost won i think she'll win next round, maybe. 😉

      Richard Schierle

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