Richard wearing his tetra hat, after a full fun day at the Alexander Graham Bell museum. Richard was inspired to be an inventor.

Baddeck Harbor

Exploring a cove at Bras D’Or Lake. This one was full of King Fisher birds.

A view of Clarke Cove at the foot of Marble Mountain.

The town at Clarke Cove.

This is Richard after taking pictures of the locks at the cross from Bras D’Or Lake to Great Bras D’Or.


Entering the cove where we spent two nights.

One of Bras D’Or Lake lighthouses.

Houses on an Indian Rservation Island at Bras D’Or Lake.

An Indian Reservation Island where they conduct their spiritual gathering.

Hiking at Marble Mountain, bush whacking. . There was no trail!

Pippin at the foot of Marble Mountain.

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7 Responses to Pics!

  1. Melissa Vaarzon Morel says:

    Looks like an wonderful journey. Wishing you well – Melissa Vaarzon Morel

  2. Cindy Ashley says:

    Thank you for my geography lesson – I am not familiar with this area. It looks like another wonderful summer trip Rocio!

  3. Michael Leon says:

    Beautiful scenery! Thanks for sharing the photos. I hope you are getting some of the heat we have had on Cape Cod recently. Any Aurora Borealis sightings?? Has Richard caught a fish yet?? Safe travels to you all from Michael & Ellie

  4. Thank you so much for sharing the beautiful photos ! What a wonderful trip you guys have.
    Stay safe – Cheers

  5. What beautiful pictures! The boat is a beauty! Richard looks so very happy. It’s great fun to follow your progress during your adventure at sea! Thanks for sharing. Cheers!

  6. Shannon Griscom says:

    Oh, it looks as if your dreams are coming true with those wonderful sights! Keep sending us pictures and news! Much love, Shannon

  7. Hart Fessenden says:

    And I was in the office all day! Nice job to the crew on their big adventure. Keep the news coming.

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