Cape Cod to Nova Scotia

We had a nice sail down east, arriving Halifax on the 4th day. Richard and I saw a whale breach right in our wake with a loud thump as his/her body crashed into the sea. Also, saw a fin above water and the body of a 10′ shark glide slowly by to port within 20′ of Silhouette. Many sea birds, and moths in the air 100 miles offshore. The weather was great, 2′-4′ seas, beautiful moon and stars, winds behind us at 10-15 kts. We all took turns standing watch, and watching for traffic, at times among many fishing boats, and the occasional freighters and tankers. Currently enjoying a protected anchorage within walking distance of downtown Halifax, yet surrounded by summer homes, small sailing schools, and rowers in 8’s passing by. We spent a couple hours with some high latitude cruisers on the boat they built, one of which is laying on 500 days provisions and will shortly leave for Greenland to freeze-in for the winter. We are off to the Bras d’or Lakes soon. All is well. Pippin

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4 Responses to Cape Cod to Nova Scotia

  1. Great to hear the update! Keep sharing!! Love it!!!! Cheers!

  2. Kiah Caldwell says:

    So excited about your incredible journey. It all sounds amazing. Keep alert!

  3. Elfi Altendorfer says:

    Thanks for the update – keep it up love to hear about your fantastic sailing adventure ! Cheers

  4. Christopher W Daley says:

    This is Chris Daley in Chatham our clan here, party for Shannon Tues nt, sorry to miss you but have fun sailing north in our dry summer.

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